Home vs House

I think this is pretty simple, but it could help.

House… This is strict to be not an apartment, or any of that stuff. It has to be a stand-alone house.

Home… This can be an apartment if you live in that, a camper if you live in that, or even the continent you live in. It’s zoomed out to wherever you live, in any term, really.

Let me know if this helped you at all. 🙂

Movie Review | Ratatouille (2007)

   Jan Pinkava and Brad Bird did a fine job on this disney/pixar film.


   Some of the cast includes…  Patton Oswalt, Ian Holm, Lou Romano, Brian Dennehy, Peter Sohn, Peter O’Toole,

   Year made… 2007

   Directors… Jan Pinkava,  Brad Bird,


   Patton Oswalt Remy is a rat who finds he loves to and is great at cooking. His father, Brian Dennehy Django, is not so happy about Remy liking to be around humans. Remy makes friends with Lou Romano Linguini at a restaurant. Remy, due to the fact he is such a talented cook, finds a way to cook through Linguini. He finds a way to pull his hair causing his body to move.

It’s still rough to keep Linguini’s job with Ian Holm Skinner, the head cook, trying to get him fired, and Remy is having trouble due to his brother, Peter Shon Emile, who keeps coming by. Remy tries to follow his wishes, but it difficult being a rat in a kitchen. Skinner notices him, but cannot catch him, but he’ll do anything to catch that rat.

This film is enjoyable, but not nearly my favorite, but it’s worth watching.

My stars… 3.8

What common sense media says about rating… 6+



Movie Review | Up (2009)

Talking dogs, flying houses, and goofiness- what kid doesn’t like that?


Some of the cast includes… Edward Asner, Christoper Plummer,  Jordan Nagai, Bob Peterson, Delroy Lindo, Jerome Ranft,

Year made… 2009

Directors… Pete Docter, Bob Peterson,


78-year-old Carl Edward Asner and his late wife have had a dream of going to Niagara Falls for their whole lives, and when a retirement home wants to take him, and construction is going on all around, and wants to tear down his house- Now he’s always did things with balloons -He gets tens of thousands of balloons on the house, and -up- goes the house. He finds 8-year-old Russell Jordan Nagai (Who was earlier trying to find a way to help him to earn a wilderness explorer badge for assisting the elderly) on his porch, so they’re in a floating house held by balloons in the middle of nowhere.

When they get to South America, they find Kevin, the giant, colorful, chocolate-loving bird. Not long after they find Kevin, they encounter Dug Bob Peterson, the talking dog who wants to take Kevin prisoner. He is probably my favorite character partially because he is adorably goofy.

Everything seems fairly fine until three dogs, Alpha Bob Peterson, Beta Delroy Lindo, and Gamma Jerome Ranft, try to capture Kevin. The journey to Niagara Falls turns into a journey of rescuing a bird. Christopher Plummer plays the completely heartless villain who owns like a thousand dogs.

This family film is extremely fun, and pretty emotional. The characters steal your heart quickly, and it is a wonderful mix of genres, a great movie for all ages.

My Stars… 4.4

What common sense media thinks about ages… Common Sense Media


Book Review | Little House on Rocky Ridge

Roger Lea MacBride brought back the little house spark for me.


Writer… Roger Lea MacBride

Year… 1998


This book is about young Rose Wilder, and it is written by Roger Lea MacBride. At first, I had doubts this would be at all real, but in the introduction (A part I didn’t have the patience to read through all the way) it said he had known Rose when she was old, so she probably told him a lot.

Rose and her parents, Laura and Almanzo, are traveling from drought-stricken South Dakota to fertile, woodsy Missouri. They go with their friends, the Cooleys, who told them of “the Land of the Big Red Apple.” This is the first book in the series about Rose.

“Another Little House Book!” I say. If you liked the little house books, you’ll probably like this, that is, unless you just don’t like it without the Laura Ingalls Wilder spark. You should read it though, and it is interesting like most of the LH books.

My Stars… 4

Movie Review | Fright Night (2011)

   Craig Gillespie’s “Fright Night” is definitely funny.


   Some of the Cast Includes … Anton Yelchin, Colin Farrell, Toni Collette, David Tennant, Imogen Poots, and Christopher Mintz-Plasse.

   Year made is… 2011

   Original… No.

   Director… Craig Gillespie.


   Colin Farrell did a great job being creepy as a vampire named Jerry in this film, where Charley Brewster Anton Yelchin realizes his neighbor is a vampire. Not a nice realization. His friend, Ed, Christopher Mintz-Plasse tries to warn him, but he is doubting of vampires- At first. It’s funny, and though plenty of people call it a horror movie, it is another that is so goofy, I can’t say I think it is much of a horror. I guess I may call it comic horror…

David Tennant plays Peter Vincent! The “Vampire Hunter.” He does a show. He is funny, and in ways scary in his tight leather pants. (Eek.) Imogen Poots plays Charley’s girlfriend, Amy, and Toni Collette plays Charley’s mother, Jane.

I suggest this fun horror remake, at least for those who like fun vampire horror comedies. I don’t know what to say about the gore. More comical gore.

I declare… 4.3 stars

Common Sense Media’s opinion (Though I don’t completely agree with it)… 17+ for…



(Movie) Mini-review | Inside Out

I think almost everyone at some time wonders what goes on in others’ heads, and Pete Docter and Ronaldo De Carmen’s popular new film, “Inside Out,” comes up with an interesting answer to that.

For those who do not know the premise to this new Pixar movie, each person’s mind is controlled by five emotions, joy, sadness, anger, disgust, and fear, and in young Riley’s (Kaitlyn Dias) mind, they’re always fighting over the controls- yes controls. There’s like a control panel where they inflict the emotion. Riley is doing fine until Joy (Amy Poehler) and Sadness (Phyllis Smith) accidently get sent very far from headquarters (The place where they control things,) and Fear (Bill Hader,) Anger (Lewis Black,) and Disgust (Mindy Kaling) do not do well handling things.

Even Riley’s parents (Diane Lane and Kyle MacLachlan) have their emotions, but those little fellows all look like her mom and dad and all have the same gender as them. Weird or what? On Joy and Sadness’s adventure, they meet some strange fellows like Bing-bong (Richard Kind,) who is Riley’s old imaginary friend. They also go to some strange places like the subconscious.

I like this premise, because I wonder what others are thinking all the time. This film is often funny, and also pretty sad sometimes. I do suggest it, and it is family friendly, at least I think so. Just, I really liked this movie! You should watch it.

My stars : ****1/2

My Rating : PG 8+ (Some mildly suggestive themes and some things that may scare younger children)